Pioneer RV Park

Pioneer Rv Park

1590 W. Highland Avenue
Hermiston, OR 97838 • Umatilla County
(541) 564-9286
Fax: (541) 564-9283 • e-mail:














We wish to thank you for choosing Pioneer RV Park for your stay while traveling. If there is anything you need don't hesitate to let us know, we will be glad to assist you. Pleae enjoy your stay and have a safe traveling experience as your journey continues.


OFFICE HOURS ARE:  Posted on the door.  We have a night host on duty every night for your convenience.


Quiet hours are 10:00 pm to 7:00 am.  Please respect your neighbors by limiting your noise.  No loud noises at anytime.  Disruptive guests will be asked to leave the park.


Check out time is 11:00 am. If this is not convenient for you,  please let us know in advance by 10:00 am as this site may be reserved.  We have a No Refund Policy.  We do not prorate monthly or weekly rents.


To help make your stay a pleasant one we have prepared some ground rules, we are proud of our park and need your support and cooperation in keeping our facilities in good condition.


Please accompany all children under the age of 12 years, using the bathrooms.  Please help us keep these areas clean, report to the office any damage or  untidiness.  Absolutely no washing dishes or laundry in the restrooms.


No overnight guests without the approval of the management.  Guests must register at the office.  All residents are responsible for their guests.  Guests should park in the guest parking area, please come to the office to get a pass.


All recreational vehicles must be in good working condition and self contained with holding tanks or connected to the park water, sewer, and electricity.  They must have a valid DMV registration.


Per Oregon law all sewer connections must be air tight and the hose must maintain a positive downward slope to the sewer connection.  State law forbids any waste water to run on the ground.  All county and state laws will be strictly enforced.


Do not park in the roadways (county law), landscaped areas, lawns or empty spaces.  There are automatic sprinklers in the grass.  Lawns are mowed on Thursday morning.  


The pitching of tents, screen rooms, canopies or sleeping outside at sites is not permitted.  Tent trailers are permitted.


No washing of vehicles or RV’s unless approved by the office.  There is a charge. 

Speed limit 5 miles per hour in the park.  There are children in the park.


Extra Vehicle:  Each site can have one motor home, 5th wheel or trailer and one car or truck.  There is a charge for additional vehicles.  All vehicles must be registered with the office.  Vehicles that don’t comply are subject to being towed.  No vehicles other than your own, unless authorized my management.


All buildings are smoke free.


Owners and management are not responsible for loss, theft or damages to personal property.  Residents and their guests will be required to pay for damages to the property (ie faucets, water pipes, picnic tables, sprinklers, electric boxes, etc.)


Alcohol can only be consumed in the confines of your sites only.  Loud drinking parties are not allowed.  Rowdiness and/or drunkenness are prohibited and could result in eviction.


Only gas or electric grills are permitted.  No open fires.  Only lawn type furniture is permitted outside.


Food, drinking, smoking or loitering are not permitted in the bathrooms or laundry room.


Firearms, fireworks or illegal weapons are not allowed in the park.


Do not ride skateboards, roller blades, bikes or scooters on the sidewalks.


No heavy repairs to vehicles or RV’s may be done in the park.


PET RULES:  All dogs & cats must be kept on a leash not to exceed 6 feet.  All dogs are to be under the control of their owners at all times.  Do not leave dogs unattended.  If an animal is unruly and/or barking excessively the owner may be asked to leave the park.  Pets are not allowed in any park building or left tied up outside.  Please clean up after your pets promptly.  A max. of two pets.  Dog house, cages, kennels or fences are not permitted.   There is a pet area at the east end of the park. You’re not to walk your pet in RV sites that are occupied.


Anyone refusing to follow park rules, destroying property, or creating a disturbance may be asked to leave the park. Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, and reserves the right to change these rules whenever it proves to be in the best interest of the residents of the park.


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